17 Sep 2017

Choosing to be lead investor on a syndicate is a lot like signing up to run the Comrades Marathon. For the crazy ones it sounds like a great idea at the beginning, it’s a lot of work for the most part and the reward when its all over is addictive – you’ll want to do it...

12 Apr 2017

We often get the question, why should I syndicate? In this blog we identify the reasons why you should consider syndication and in part 2 of this blog we outline how you should go about it.

Before we get in to all of that, lets start at the very beginning. What is syndi...

5 Apr 2017

All of the coffee shop buzz this week has been about the S&P downgrade. Technicalities aside1, there is no doubt that it will fundamentally affect our economy, possibly for decades – it took Colombia 12 years to regain investment grade status after being downgraded. Th...

16 Feb 2017

Its 3AM in the morning and like all considerate new borns, my son wants to play. After a few games of peek-a-boo and lots of rocking, I eventually get him to sleep in my arms. That’s when the itch starts…on my back. Do I put him down and risk waking him up?

The creative...

19 Sep 2016

Here’s the follow up on our blog regarding what angel investors should ask startups before investing. In our previous blog we covered the following categories: an overview of the business, the market opportunity, the team, the product and / or service as well as compet...

14 Sep 2016

Its easy to get bowled over by an innovative idea or an entrepreneur that brings a flood of passion to the table. In many ways angels are fighting a current to maintain their objectivity. Multiple meetings are suggested before taking the plunge and will filter all the...

31 May 2016

Investing in startups can be tricky and can seem daunting, particularly if you’re new to it. Can you make money? Absolutely! Can you lose all your money? Yes. Investing in startups is a risky strategy and you should be aware of the risk from the outset.

This blog, along...

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August 24, 2020

September 21, 2018

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