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Jozi Angels is an angel investor network based in Johannesburg, South Africa. We invest our personal funds in innovative early stage companies, helping them grow through the assets we bring: knowledge, networks and capital. We source, screen, assess, structure and invest in deals. 


Through our broader network we have sourced the hottest startups and collectively invested in over 30 startups. Our members are approved investors serious about providing capital and coaching to early stage companies. Our mission is to further develop the startup ecosystem through investment, events and education. We facilitate investments in to startups that suit the investor’s professional background while at the same time supporting South Africa’s emergent innovation economy.

Aggregating resources and knowledge through a group we are able to make larger investments and diversify risk. It also allows for more effective deal sourcing and screening. Apart from this, there are intangible benefits such as camaraderie and goal sharing. We operate in a sexy space, investors get 'hands-on' in exciting opportunities that may become the next big thing!


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Jozi Angels hosts exclusive events for members. Events include discussions with thought leaders in the startup space and pitch evenings where members will have first option on high quality startups. Events typically take place every two months at different venues around the startup ecosystem. 

Source high quality deals

Through our network of collaborators and extended list of partners in this space we have access to the cream of the crop. We are able to cherry pick from the best startups going through accelerator programmes and then facilitate investments in to them. 

Strong Network

Members bring more than just their money to the table. Our network of vetted investors is filled with professionals that have many years of experience. We share collective knowledge across various sectors which results in better decision making and effective synergies. 

Investor Development

Angel investing is a reletively new concept to many. It's an exciting space to be in when you know what to look out for. We start with the basics, helping shape your investment strategy and thinking to ensure that your portfolio makes money. Our members are able to learn from one another and eventually become mentors to new members. 

Network Investments

Investments by our network of investors include the following companies. We invest in strong teams that are tackling a big market opportunity in a novel way. Our investments are generally early stage but typically post revenue. We have a preference for solutions that benefit from economies of scale. As a result, we tend to steer clear of capital intensive projects like real estate and manufacturing. 

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Individual angels have their own investment preference, most look for the following in investment opportunities:



Ability to execute on the solution. Does the team have the passion, technical & business skills required.

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Market-Solution Fit

Does the problem exist & does the solution solve that problem.



Is the solution innovative or novel & have a strong value proposition.



Do you have an indication of product-market-fit, are there paying customers. Do you have a solution in the market.

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Market Opportunity

Are you targeting a sizeable market & how will the solution be scaled to service it.

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Personal Fit

Is the solution a good fit for the angel and his or her personal background & investment objectives (RoI).