Angel investing is a team sport full of risk, adventure and potential reward. Jozi Angels is a closed group of select investors. We only allow vetted individuals to become part of our network.


It should be noted that investing in to early stage startups is a risky strategy, statistically most of them fail. Understanding this risk is important as an angel investor. At Jozi Angels we promote sensible investment strategies and look to create new wealth.

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What to expect

20+ Companies


Investment principles should be more robust in risky markets like the startup space. Diversity is certainly one of them. All investors should have ambitions of building a portfolio of over 20 startups over time.

R50k to R1m per Company


Angel investors tend to invest in the early stages of a company’s development when valuations are affordable. Your investments should give each a runway of 12 to 24 months, giving them an opportunity to grow exponentially over that time.

Human Centred Approach


Unlike other investment channels, when investing in startups you’re investing in people. Valuations are less important at the outset. Spotting the ‘A Team’ pursue a great market opportunity is more important.

5 to 12 years


When investing in a startup you are planting a seed, the fruits of which take time to ripen. Startup investing is illiquid and should be made with a long investment horizon.

Hands On Approach


Investing in a startup is a partnership. Unlike other asset classes investors in a startup can influence how well their investments do. An angel investor’s contribution goes beyond the capital.

Roller Coaster


There's something about building a business from scratch that brings out the kids in us. Its exciting to see it grow. While the upside is great, the downside can be costly in terms of time and money. 

What we expect



Investors need to have the capital, appetite for risk and time required to invest in a startup. Our syndicate minimums are R50k, increasing depending on the startup's funding requirements.



Apart from work with the management team, angels will also have to work with other investors. Experienced investors will be expected to lead deals and in so doing mentor those that are new.

Sharing Knowledge


Our network will continue to grow from strength to strength as we add new members and existing members share opportunities they come across and their experiences.