Opportunities Board

Angel investing can be a lot of fun as a team sport. The Jozi Angels opportunities board is your chance to get involved in syndicated investments. Syndication involves a two or more investors teaming up to invest in a startup, one will be the lead investor and the other(s) will tag along. Part of our service also allows you to share your opportunities with our network. 

Syndication has many benefits: firstly, investments become more affordable and you're able to diversify more effectively, investors de-risk as a result. The potential brains trust involved in the deal and in the running of the company post investment is also greater.

Our syndication service is being offered in Beta format initially and the participation fee is deeply discounted. Fees will be paid by those parties that tag along and will be a fraction of the deal size. Negotiations on sharing the participation fee will be left to the investment parties. Let us know what you'd like to see from this service.


Hippocampus is an ed-tech chatbot that incorporates adaptive learning using artificial intelligence. Students can practice questions which get tougher with each correct answer. Incorrect answers decrease difficulty and users receive a step by step guide on the correct solution. They have built each student their personal digital tutor.

Company Stage: Post revenue

Footprint: operating across in Gauteng

Sector: Ed-Tech

Location: Johannesburg

Total Raise: R300,000

Required: Tag along investor